wedding in Split, Croatia



It’s been many years since the first found “images” in the caves, much has changed since, but some things stayed the same. Photographs have almost the same roles as sketches did in caves. And it’s for people to portray their experiences from every day, to tell a story. Today, we do the same. With pictures, we want to mark significant moments, experiences and people. In a similar way, we can look at today’s art and information sharing. Like this Meštrović’s gallery wedding. A bond of love, art and happy moments, all told through photos.

Different meanings add to art in different historical periods. I’ve always been a fan of a variety of art, music, literature, film… Each of these arts has left a deep mark in me and still leaves new ones every day. But what left the strongest impression on me was the visual arts. I’m her big fan. She taught me a lot. By studying the works of world-renowned artists, I realized how much power there is in even the smallest Pollock stain. Behind his works of art, strong messages are hidden. Did you know that Pollock painted on canvas with some odd tools, such as a knife?

It’s not important what tool you use to be an artist, but love and a soul. You need a soul mate to become an artist. Many artists biggest inspirations were their soul mates. So in this Meštrović’s gallery wedding is permeated with Meštrović’s art, statues, the mystery of love and eternity. The contrast of stone, wood, and greens as a wonderful inspiration for something special.

Have you heard about this beautiful place in Split? I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed this little piece of paradise, place where soul mates come to meet. Works of art by famous artists, my camera and my huge love for capturing the most beautiful moments. There is an amazing story behind every good photography, read below on how I’ve told mine…