A love story


rustic themed wedding
After amazing overture with Ines and Marko on top of mountain we had this rustic themed wedding! After this session I got the chance to hang out again with these magnificent young people. But this time on their rustic themed wedding.

These two are a very special couple. I figure that out on our first mountain session. It’s hard to even imagine the positive vibrations and all the fun we had, to anyone who wasn’t present. Imagine amount of energy, warmth and love that were in that, long expected day. I know, almost unthinkable!

But I was one of the lucky one that were involved in their big day. It was an emotional rustic themed wedding. I have to admit, while watching them they kind of reminded me of superheroes of some sort. Like every superhero has a story, so do they. Their superhero story started with their wedding. Magic, rustic themed wedding, surrounded with their closest people! Gorgeous Ines in her Envy room dress said yes to her superhero! Their superpowers are now doubled. Can you guess what is their superpower? – Love. Word of few letters which can do everything!

Take a look at their wedding

wedding_momentsgroom_bowtie groom_tuxedo getting_ready_photos getting_ready_photoslook_for_groomrustic_themed_weddingrings_for_weddingbride_preparationbride_detailsenvy_room_fashionrustic_bouquet rustic_themed_weddingenvy_room_dressfranjo_starcevicat_the_weddingrustic_decorationsrustic_giftswedding_funživa_legendamomentsrustic_cakedifferent wedding cake